Radical idea for family meetings

This tip for family meetings comes from deborah@fiveminuteparent.com.

“I know of several families who hold their meetings at places that cater to their favorite hobbies. For instance, one family conducts their meeting at a bowling alley. Once the meeting is over, they enjoy bowling together. Another family combines their gathering with their love of books, by meeting at a cafĂ© in their favorite bookstore. And yet another family I know holds their weekly meeting after a joyful round of put-put golf. This option combines family communication and fun.”

I love it. It adds spice to family meetings and gives everyone something to look forward to. It builds family fun into the meeting. Having a family meeting somewhere fun is like an off-site business meeting that puts everyone into a jovial mood.

Where would you have your ideal family meeting?

Where are you going to schedule your next family meeting?

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