Finding ME time for moms in the work-life balance

Both parents being employed outside of the home adds another layer of stress for families. I advocate spending less, wanting less, having less in order to have MORE time, freedom and opportunities to nurture your children. The younger your children, the more they need you and the less they care about stuff money can buy.

Eventually, I went back to work outside of the home with three to four teens at home and went back to school for a master’s degree one course at a time. I knew where I had to be and when every minute of every day.

I found balance by avoiding rushing, being in the present moment — wherever that was — and letting go of worries about what was to come or had happened.

The only way I could work-go to school-be a mom was was to have lots of help, defined as:

1. Regular cleaning help. I rarely cleaned;
2. My husband took over grocery shopping. When and if I shopped, it was for sport, a special occasion and without a list. Talk about freedom!
3. My teenage son drove his little sister around after school, which made a huge difference.
4. My husband supposedly took over orthodontia, but he couldn’t get his arms around the regularity. If I had to remind him, I might as well do it myself rather than manage him.
5. Everyone pitched in on cooking, and I minimized it as much as possible. I still did the planning, left notes and started the crock pot. I LOVED coming home to dinner on the table, ready to eat. What a luxury.

The biggest factor in work-life balance was the parameters of my job. I worked 8 miles/15 minutes away and had flexible hours. No one told me when to work, except for weekly deadlines to publish the newspaper. For half the week, I could schedule around children’s needs. Even on a deadline day I had options.

Having some ME time was essential . I enjoyed getting my master’s degree after being home with four kids for 17 years, so it was “me time.” Me time is essential in the work-life balancing act of moms and dads.

What’s your strategy?

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  1. LauraK Says:

    I love the way you managed going back to school by ‘spreading the domestic wealth,’ so to speak. Excellent examples of how to work a little ‘me time’ into always busy family lives 🙂

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