Dirty dishes and roommates

I hate people who leave dirty dishes in the sink all day long, soaking. It's gross and disgusting. Teenagers can be difficult. positive ideas to deal with difficult teens.

Ugh. A dirty pan left in the sink all day.

I HATE finding dirty dishes left in the sink. I work from home so today I’ll be looking at this gross pan all day.

I guess Kristen, 22, forgot I wrote a book on how childhood chores cultivate capable confident young people and that I’ve retired as the family servant!

It’s ironic because Kristen lived with three slobs in her apartment during her senior year of college. Their kitchen and bathroom were disgusting. No one ever cleaned up their mess. When I saw the kitchen last week, it was pretty bad. Kristen said it was relatively clean compared to its usual condition.

Maybe I’ll leave her a copy of my book where she can see it. The note is a form of mutual respect. It’s better than nagging. It’s how I would treat a roommate.

why can't people clean up after themselves? I get tired of writing nice notes. TEenagers can learn to clean up and behave.

A note is a form of mutual respect. Did she forget I wrote a book on chores?

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3 Comments on “Dirty dishes and roommates”

  1. casey w Says:

    Umm… the note isn’t good roommate communication. It’s passive aggressive seeming! Though it is funny that she left the pan there, considering how much she used to complain about her roommates. It does look like she burned something… which would require a soaking.

  2. tanyetta Says:

    Wait! Who wrote that note? I am lost here. Where is the link to the book about kids and chores? THanks in advance.

  3. raisingable Says:

    See next post. The link to book is at right – see “Buy the Book.” Or click here: http://www.blackeyedsusanpublications.com/buythebook.html

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