Dirty dishes & roommates, part 2

Dirty pans are part of living in community. Families have to put up with each other. Good parents have patience and learn about love and logic. Good parenting books talk about parenting tips for teens, tweens and college age drop ins. This pan started to smell.

After three days, dirty dishes start to stink. Good thing it's warm enough for the windows to be open.

After Tanyetta’s comment on previous post, I realized maybe it wasn’t clear to Kristen that it was her pan and her mess. So I revised the note while she was gone for Memorial Day weekend and debated whether or not to clean the pan myself.

I decided the message, and odor, were stronger if I practiced patience.

Upon returning, Kristen saw the note, immediately cleaned up the pan without further prompting, and apologized.

“I was going to do it before I left on Friday night, Mom, but I forgot,” she said.

An apology — from parent or young person — goes a long way in preserving family relations.

Cleaning up without further reminder goes a long way in preserving roommate relations.

Not nagging, using notes, saying nothing, and waiting go a long way in parent-child relationships, especially with teens and those college-age young people who drop in and out for several years.

She’s leaving Saturday for a five-week post-college graduation trip to Malaysia, so I remind myself to treasure the time I have with her. It seems impossible she grew up so fast.

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5 Comments on “Dirty dishes & roommates, part 2”

  1. tanyetta Says:

    Oh! I completely understand now. I was lost with the first note!

    Cute note and I am sure she won’t do that again. 🙂

    Wishing her well on her trip.

  2. casey w Says:

    I like the second note much more too. It’s clearer and less emotional.

  3. LisaF Says:

    Thank you for taking time to make some nice comments on entries over at my place. When I popped over to see you I laughed at the photo! I laughed because I thought I had come home to MY kitchen! I’ve enjoyed reading your entries. As mom to one post-college-graduation daughter and an Army Wife who will be relocated shortly, I agree in making the most of whatever time is left…good or bad!

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