The Yin-Yang of college students home for the summer

It’s always wonderful to welcome home college students and new graduates for the summer. Sometimes the wonder wears off when they leave dirty pans in the sink for the weekend and forget to tell mom and dad that they’re not coming home that night.

I’m not a big worrier, especially of college students who are used to being on their own. Bob and I give them a long leash and expect them make good independent decisions and follow the three Cs of a successful summer: communication, collaboration and consideration.

One Sunday morning I hadn’t heard a peep from my son, then 22 years old. I kept thinking, “He’ll wake up soon.” Finally by 2 pm, I went upstairs and found his bed hadn’t been slept in.

I called him to make sure he was okay and he picked up. When he finally came home, had a chat about communication and consideration. The courtesy of a note or a text message is appreciated.

It’s also important to re-incorporate temporary college-age residents in family routines. See the video for more. By the way, do not pay them for doing any chores, unless they’d like to take it as a credit for their college bills, or if they pay you for what you do for them.

By the time you adapt to them being there, they’re gone. Welcome to the Yin-Yang of college life.

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