This online parenting class guarantees more peace and less stress

This good parenting book offers a wide range of parenting tips for toddlers, children, kids, school-age, teenagers and tweens. Chores are just a part of how to set reasonable boundaries with your children and discipline them in a positive way. There are many great parenting tips, it's all about parenting.

A copy of my book is included in the tuition.

How’s your summer going so far? The next two months can either drag by or fly by. Have more fun and less stress by learning to set reasonable boundaries with your spirited children.

I’m offering an online parenting skills workshop July 15-Sept. 1 – “Make Peace with your Spirited Child.” Learn how to create a positive home environment and offer an olive branch to spirited children. Give up yelling, nagging, threatening, bribery and punishment. Eliminate hassles over bedtime, meals, food & fitness, sibling rivalry, technology, homework, chores and time management. The approach will last you from age 2 to 22, guaranteed.

Through reading and group discussion over six weeks, parents will turn down the tempers and turn up the peace with strong-willed children and teens.

The only way I have every made lasting changes to my behavior is through study, discussion and practice. This online course offers all three. When you change YOUR behavior, your children will respond differently. You will have more peace and less stress.

The five point positive parenting plan includes:

  1. family meetings and chores;
  2. encouragement;
  3. family dinner;
  4. natural and logical consequences; and
  5. the role of food and nutrition.

Parents of children of all ages will gain peace of mind and home and empower children to make good decisions – which is critical when they mature into teenagers. They need practice making decisions so they will choose well as teens when they’re 60 miles away, going 60 miles an hour.

Included in the $89 tuition is a copy of my book, “Raising Able: How chores empower families,”a $14.95 value. Sign up here. See my bio for more information.

Two of my four children were “challenging” and “spirited” during their toddler and teen years — the key points. Participate in this online course at your convenience from the comfort of your home or office.  Questions? Email susan [at] susantordella [dot] com or call, 978-772-3930. There are no one-click fixes. Invest in yourself and your family today.

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