Set them loose: college students and substance abuse

John Belushi is the ultimate example of drug abuse gone wrong, both on the screen and personally. TEenagers and drug abuse are a huge risk. Teens can make good decisions. Good parenting can keep teens out of trouble. spend time together as a family. have family dinner  to prevent drug abuse among tweens & teens. Family dinner is one of the best ways to prevent drug abuse.

John Belushi is the ultimate icon and personal example of drug abuse and excessive behavior. Photo by

Parents, rest assured, every college is a party school. Every first-year college student will have access to alcohol and other drugs.

In installment #3 on drug abuse & children, questions precedeĀ  the rules, because college students act and think independently. This is when parents find out if they’ve taught children to make good decisions when they’re 60 miles away going 60 miles an hour.

During family dinner ask college students the following questions. See how much they know. Let them tell you what they know because you know how little parents know šŸ™‚

1. Do you need to do drugs, drink alcohol in order to have fun? If so, you might have a drinking/drug abuse problem. There are places to get help.

2. Do you know about alcohol poisoning? How much does it take? Tell me about the side effects, such as accidental death and injury, rape, and oxygen deprivation.

3. Do you know about date rape drugs? I know a young woman who was given a date rape drug by an upper-class male during her first week of school at an exclusive college. She woke up the next day bleeding from her vagina. His punishment? A one semester suspension. What is your plan to avoid date rape?

4. Do you know it is illegal to buy liquor for and to serve liquor to minors? When someone does that for you, she/he is breaking the law.

5. Do you know any young people who have abused substances and died, been disabled and/or are in rehab? Make it a practice to notice such events in the news.

The rules. Say these to your college students before they leave home.

1. “You are going to school to learn and to earn a college degree, not for a 24/7 party. We (your parents) will ONLY pay college bills and support you when you achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or better. We expect you to finish your education in four years and will only pay for four years.”

2. “If you ever get into a jam, do not hesitate to call me,” even if you are thousands of miles from the college. Parents are aware of many more resources than young people.

3. “You will have access to drugs and alcohol. I am trusting you to make good decisions, practice moderation and get help when you need it. Be responsible. Your live will depend on it.”

It’s okay if they respond with, “Oh, mom!” or “Oh, dad!” You’ve done your parental duty.

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