The new era of picky eaters

making pizza together is a wonderful family activity. everyone can customize their own pizzas. The family works together as a team to create something delicious. Family dinner is an essential part of family life. Family dinner prevents drug abuse. Family dinner connects parents with children. Family dinner is essential for teenagers.

The pizza was delicious and fun to make together. Everyone could customize their own pizzas.

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite meals to fix with my children. It’s easier than you think, especially by using store-bought dough, jarred sauce, a bag of shredded cheese and scavenging leftover bits of vegetables and meat from the fridge.

I’m always surprised by the dietary restrictions of Millennials. Here are some NO’s I’ve heard from visiting 20-somethings. NO dairy, wheat, meat, pork, onions, mushrooms and more. Some have double-prohibitions, like no meat or dairy, essentially a vegan diet.

I can justify the allergies. And it’s good for the planet to avoid meat. Pizza is a wonderful easy way to satisfy everyone’s palates.

However, many families create a cafeteria-style dinner every night to satisfy each person’s dietary restrictions and preferences. It’s feasible for a small family. With four children, such a nightly quest would wear me out and encourage high-maintenance picky eaters.

Nurturing high-maintenance picky eaters is more work for parents. It teaches children to expect special treatment. Children and young adults miss out on the adventure of trying new food and expanding their repertoire of possibilities.

We’re lucky to have such abundance that children have the luxury of enforcing restrictions on what they will and will not eat.

Do you have picky eaters? What strategies to you use to encourage adventuresome eaters?

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