Chores, chores & more chores!

Tomorrow, Oct. 23 I’m speaking at the South End Library in Boston at 10 am on “Do I have to?” How chores empower families; and at the Rabbit Hole Bookstore in Fitchburg at 2 pm on “How to make peace with your mini tyrant.”

And this blogger reviewed my book —

Yesterday I spoke to a mom’s group in N. Attleboro about the Raising Able Family Management System. Their children are so young, their problems are simple, and the book addresses many of them. My main advice to them: say it once, then take action. Do not try. You must DO. And allow the children to feel the natural consequences of bad decisions.

It’s one of the most respectful ways to manage people and teach them.

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2 Comments on “Chores, chores & more chores!”

  1. I like your parent philosophy on doing instead of trying to do, I agree that it does work. My four children are grown; we all lived to tell about it, and now I am ‘doing’ the same thing with my grandchildren, and I have the gray hairs to prove it, just ask my hairdresser!

  2. raisingable Says:

    Do your children reinforce chores with their children?

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