Sugar overdose!

candy on halloween is NOT the only option. pencils, airplanes, spider rings and apples and raisins can be used for trick or treat. Sugar is not the be all, end all. Halloween sugar will not kill you but the rest of the year moderation is the key to long term beat childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes developed in childhood.

Would you be disappointed to get a Halloween airplane, spider ring or ghost pencil instead of candy?

“I felt a little cheap giving this stuff out,” said my faithful husband after he gave out airplanes, spider rings and pencils last night while I cackled in a witch costume from a perch above the garage door, “I smell a little kiddie in my driveway,” followed by an evil cackle.

We had sugarless fun — without saccharin or aspartame — by playing along with the holiday and emphasizing its roots: to dress up and scare away evil spirits.

That said, kids will survive a one-night candy binge. This blog offers some common sense ways to dispense of some of the candy without a power struggle.

Halloween aside, the real challenge is moderating your family’s sugar intake during the rest of the year to prevent obesity, which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

The Millennial generation is predicted to be the first generation to be less healthy than their parents.

Sugar is public health enemy number one. The average American consumes over 185 pounds a year, about one five-pound bag every 10 days, about a cup of sugar a day, some 48 teaspoons.

Sugared beverages are among the top offenders.

  • A 20-oz. bottle of coke has 16+ teaspoons of white pleasure.
  • A 20-oz. bottle of Mountain Dew weighs in at 19 teaspoons.
  • A bottle of flavored iced tea also contains 16 teaspoons of sugar.
  • A grande-size Starbucks Cafe Mocha contains 10+ teaspoons.
  • Vitamin water has 8+ teaspoons.

Regular food is packed with sugar. There are 10 teaspoons of sugar in Breyer’s Black Cherry yogurt. A granola bar has 4 teaspoons. A fun-size bar of Three Musketeers has 3 teaspoons.

After a lengthy fast that left him feeling weak (as was the custom of ascetics of the day), the Buddha ate some rice and felt revived. He then espoused “The middle way.”

The middle way is not addiction or abstinence, but moderation.

May you find moderation in your candy consumption this week, and in your sugar consumption all year round. What steps can you take to reduce the sugar in your died, particularly the hidden sugar?

Note: Thanks to Tracy at for the above facts and figures.

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  1. Sue OG Says:

    After the one night ‘eat wantever you want binge’ (they stopped at 3 or 4 pieces) my boys picked five pieces of candy for a one week lunch box supply. We sold the rest to a local toy store for a $5 gift certificate; they were all very happy to sell the candy! (Hint: Some dentist also buy candy for cash)

  2. raisingable Says:

    Clever. I like it. Great marketing for the toy store.

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