Plan family celebrations, not stressations by lowering expectations

Holiday stress. Coping with holiday stress. Survival tips for holiday stress. holiday season and stress. Self- care for moms is one of the most important things mothers can do for ourselves. When we take care of ourselves, we're more equipped to take care of others. Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs and it is completely overlooked & underrated for difficulty. Moms must take care of themsevles. Reduce stress during the holiday season by taking care of yourself and not doing so much. Don't strive for perfection and the MArtha Stewart look.

Gonzo the dog enjoys a short massage from Cindy, my massage therapist. Gonzo parked herself there while Cindy was stretching after our workout. Getting a monthly massage from Cindy is one way I take care of myself, especially during the holidays. My husband gives me massage gift certificates for Christmas. It's the gift that gives to me all year round.

It’s official. We’re out of the starting gate for the holidays. Unfortunately we women want to emulate impossibly perfect media images of body, home and life.

The Supermom myth comprable to X-ray vision and flying through air: it’s impossible. For example, Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving meal requires four people some THREE days to prepare it.

To plan a celebration not a stressationlower your expectations and make it a team effort. Do less. Rest more. Buy prepared foods. Simplify.  

We’re having 17 people for Thanksgiving. My goal is to vacuum up most of the dog hair and make  the guest bathroom spotless — because that’s the only room guests will be in alone. My next goal is to have fun with my family and friends. I am planning to a long walk in the woods and to play indoor games on Nov. 25.

We’re doing the turkeys and stuffing, the remainder is up to everyone else.  I’m looking forward to a Wednesday night  cook-a-thon. I enjoy cooking and eating with people I love. We will get every surface, pot, pan, dish and utensil dirty. So what! 

By taking a different attitude towards the holiday, it can be more fun for the women, who are inevitably in charge.

Here’s a radical idea: let hubby be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. We started this a decade ago when Bob’s family came on Thanksgiving. I became his scullery maid. It cut my stress way down.

My November massage is scheduled this week. It will reduce my holiday stressation. I will keep in mind my bigger goals: enjoy the celebration, our bounty and many blessings in this crazy world.

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