Transform morning havoc to morning harmony

Morning routine, my kids are driving me nuts in the morning, getting children ready for day care, good parenting is about getting children to make good decisions. Discipline can be accomplished without punishment, especially in the morning. If you need help getting your child ready for school in the morning, this book will help for parents of teens, teenagers, toddlers, preschoolers, school age and tweens. Children can learn to manage their time in the morning. Parents will be calmer and empower, encourage and expect their children to get ready for school

Click on the image to find out how to expect, empower and encourage your children to make better decisions in the morning.

Children love routine, which is one reason why this time of year is difficult for them. They are bursting with anticipation. The holidays disrupt their routines.

One routine many parents are challenged by is getting ready in the morning. Parents are frustrated when children dawdle, procrastinate, ignore parents’ suggestions-demands-threats-yelling-sarcasm and more.

Which is why I wrote this short e-book as an introduction to the Raising Able Family Management System to coach parents to set up a system for their children in the morning that empowers the children.

Parents will find out how to teach children to take responsibility for getting up and getting ready in the morning by using family meetings, expectations, encouragement, empowerment, and natural and logical consequences.

The book is easy to read with many examples. It will take three days to three weeks to implement a new morning routine. The older the child/teen, the longer it will take for them to believe that PARENTS have changed.

I look forward to hearing your stories of success and challenges — there’s a comment section on the e-book page. Please share the link with your circle of friends and family.

Remember Yoda’s words — “Do or not. There is no try.”

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  1. Great piece Susan. I look forward to you being my guest tomorrow morning on The Parent’s Plate radio show. My listeners will be enlivened and educated with your smart tips.

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