Parenting is all about relationship

Relationship, parenting about, teens, tweens, kids, children, preschoolers, toddlers, positive discipline make a huge difference in parenting. The way to have a happy relationship on vacation and at home is by mutual respect, family meetings, encouragement, and natural and logicla consequences.

It's had to capture the beauty of St. John Virgin Islands. This is our group hiking up Ram's Head.

My life changed drastically when I had three children in three-and-a-half years. Their needs overtook everything. I started on the steep path of learning how to set limits and establish a relationship with them — for life.

It has been the biggest challenge of my life  — that started out badly. I bullied them with  my superior size,  strength and anger. Yes, anger. Parenting brings out extreme emotions — from unconditional love to frustration and despair. The challenge is how to manage our own emotions and to learn positive ways to influence kids’ and teenagers’ behavior.

I’ve just returned from a week in St. John Virgin Islands [WOW!] with my husband and 13  fellow Sierra Club members. Our happiness depended on mutual respect and a sense of humor. From the start, the leader encouraged us to give her feedback about how the trip was going.  We had a great time hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, eating, and sharing our common love of nature. Mutual respect, communication, laughter and common interests made the week a smashing success.

Are the lines of communication open in your home? What activities and passions do your family share? Do you set aside time to regularly cook, eat, meet, play and work together? Do you know your priorities?

Is your relationship with your kids, tweens and teens based on 

  1. mutual respect, encouragement and open communication or 

  3. manipulation, bribery, praise, punishment and reward?

 If you influence your children’s behavior by number 2, vacations and daily life may be rife with strife. Your children may be focused on revenge, rebellion and resentment.

 It takes time, energy and attention to learn positive parenting skills. It’s much faster to manipulate, bribe, praise, punish and reward kids, and create a relationship doomed to fail.

Start this week with a family meeting (see free tip sheet and my book, Raising Able), which brings together every aspect of positive parenting and setting up a healthy relationship with your children for life — a critical investment.

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