March towards more encouragement, less yelling

How do you learn a new habit?

1. Be aware that you want to change. Otherwise nothing happens.

2. Prepare to change. This phase can take a while. It’s call the pre-behavior change phase. Very clever name.

3. Set a time/date to start the change. 

4. Get help from others. Join a support group. Call someone every day to check in. Get online support. It’s more fun and you learn more with others.

5. Make a commitment to the new habit for three weeks. It takes at least three weeks to establish a new habit and three months for it to really sink in.

The only way I have ever learned new behavior and shed old habits is by this five-step process. Change takes an investment of time and energy. It’s often challenging. The more challenging it is to change, the more rewarding the end result will be.

Our marriage, children and family are the BEST investment we will ever make. Parenting is THE most important job most of us will ever do in our lifetimes, with the longest lasting consequences.

You can gain new habits in an online Raising Able Positive Parenting Plan workshop I’m offering March 2-April 13. We start with a teleconference at 8 pm EST on March 2, followed by six online workshop sessions, and end with a teleconference April 18 at 8 pm. Attending the teleconferences is optional. They will be recorded.

Online workshops operate the same as live workshops except they’re asynchronous — log in at your convenience. Each week, participants will be expected to:

  • Read about new habits,
  • Complete a family laboratory activity, and
  • Discuss the results on the discussion board.

The course is asynchronous — never in real time, always at your convenience online. 

Use March to march towards more encouragement, family meetings/dinner/chores, and natural and logical consequences, and — give up the yelling, threats, praise/reward/punishment, hitting, time outs, bribery and manipulation.

Your family atmosphere will improve. You will feel better with new habits, skills and a positive parenting plan. Sign up today here.

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