How to deal with stress, part 1.

Some desperate evil person hacked my Gmail email and Facebook accounts yesterday. They  deleted all the data and closed both accounts.  ArGHHhhh($!@*$#%!

Despondent, I walked away from the computer and went cross-country skiing, the reverse route I usually take through the woods. I grunted going uphill. My dog came with me  — ever faithful, grounded in the present moment. I broke a sweat. I enjoyed the beauty of the woods, the snow and my good health to be able to ski.

Exercising and going into the woods are like happy drugs. I feel better. I have some perspective. I came up with some solutions for how to deal with the problem. I realized I had some redundancies in my data, and I need better systems to back up my contacts.

When children stress us out, taking a reverse time out is like a happy drug. It’s emotionally, mentally and physically intense to be a parent. If you’re doing it 24/7, the intensity is doubly intense.

Take regular breaks. Take a few hours off a week for “me time.” Set aside regular “date nights” to keep the marriage going — the most important investment in your family.

Get exercise. Get your tots-to-teens to elevate their heart rates and break a sweat. Everyone will feel better and gain perspective. Research has shown that being with nature and exercise relieve stress and ease depression.

While I’m missing quite a bit of data, I still have my health and many people who care have contacted me today. Many are willing to give me the money if I really were stranded in London. What more could I ask for?

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