Research says: Get out of the way when babies explore

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Look dad, here's my piecrust! I can do it.

It’s official: researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that babies who are allowed to discover on their own learn better and show more curiosity, as reported in the Boston Globe this morning.

I agree. Give them freedom to explore. When parents mind their own business, babies, children, tweens and teens are allowed to experience the world firsthand, they practice making decisions and living with the outcome of their choices.

This teaches young people good decision-making skills, which will serve them well when they become teenagers and they’re much more independent — and they are 60 miles away, going 60 miles an hour.

Take a step back the next time you want to interfere and share your vast knowledge and experience. Let your child develop her own warehouse of knowledge and experience through trial and error. The learning will translate to internal motivation and desire that will carry her further than you ever could by nagging, reminding and telling him how to do it better.

Practice encouragement. Use the four most powerful words in the English language: You Can Do It. See my free tip sheet on encouragement.

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