Training for the marathon of parenting

Parenting is all about training and being ready to go the extra mile. Parenting is the most difficult marathon you will ever complete. There is heartbreak hill, illness, fatigue, weather, other runners you can't control. Parents must manage their emotions when victory seems impossible. Even crossing the finish line seems impossible. Chores,family meetings ,family dinners, "alfred adler" and "Rudolf dreikurs" and "Jane nelsen" all embrace natural and logical consequences and the value of family chores.
Train for parenting as you would for the Boston Marathon — systematically, with commitment and dedication. Photo:

Today’s Boston Marathon is nothing compared to the marathon of parenting.

Like the marathon, parenting has heartbreak, bad weather, surly opponents, illness and emotions to manage.

Like the marathon, the thrill of victory when raising children is sweet, far off and difficult to obtain. It requires training, persistence, commitment, patience and coaching. Teamwork helps.

The marathon runners require self-discipline, commitment and self-esteem. The best and simplest ways to provide those attributes to your children is to:

1. Have regular family meetings.

2. Invite the toddlers/preschoolers/children/tweens/teens to volunteer for tasks that benefit the family — without paying them, unless they pay you for what you do.

3. Follow through by being friendly and firm.

Doing a few simple household chores regularly for the common good will get your children through the marathon of life because it provides them something essential and priceless: self-discipline.

It will make them place first in the marathon of life when they face heartbreak, bad weather, surly opponents, illness and difficult emotions to manage.

Training with others provides information, motivation and camaraderie — a good reason to sign up for a parenting workshop. A workshop starts April 26, and others are offered in May and June.



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