Moms have bad days

My oldest daughter, now 32 and still childless, pointed me toward this Scary Mommy blog, with this comment: “I saw this blog the other day and it scared the crap out of me.” 
Here’s my response:
1. Some of those folks think they are barbie dolls and should have perfect bodies.
2. Some of those folks are narcissistic and selfish. Tip: such folks ought to avoid having children.
3. Every day isn’t wonderful as a mother. 
4. Some people get post-partum depression- which is debilitating. Do get help.
5. There are imperfect children and, gasp, imperfect mothers and fathers.
6. You will make mistakes as a parent. Guaranteed. The idea is to minimize them.
7. There are days you will not feel like taking care of someone else. You do it anyway, maybe poorly that day. Kids are very forgiving.
8. Being a parent will seriously test your marriage. Only the strong survive. The best get stronger.
9. Most of the time, the rewards of parenting outweigh what you’ve given up. 
10. Being your mother has been the single most significant, rewarding, challenging, wonderful, invigorating experience of my life. One of my friends had a baby in her late 30s, having initially said, “I can’t bring a child into this world.” She couldn’t  believe she almost missed out. 
It’s not for everyone. 


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