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Karate Kid, Take 2

June 14, 2010

Can’t wait to see the remake of Karate Kid.

Loved the first one and WAX ON, WAX OFF inspired a chapter in my book, “Raising Able: how chores cultivate capable young people.”

I hope that’s part of the new one. Has anyone seen it yet?

In case you forgot, Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel a series of chores — waxing his car, painting the fence and sanding a deck. Each motion embedded a karate move into Daniel’s psyche and taught him self-discipline.

When children and teens contribute to the work of their household, they learn self-discipline, teamwork, skills, and self-value because their actions impact others.

Self discipline is the act of doing something you might not feel like — and you do it anyway because you have made a commitment to someone else and/or yourself. Self-discipline is the foundation to a successful life.

Daniel didn’t understand the reason Mr. Miyagi gave him the onerous tasks. Children won’t consciously understand the value of chores. Their psyches “get” that they are needed and appreciated for actions as simple as doing the family’s recycling and setting the table. The older the child, the more challenging the chore should be.

Look at what Daniel achieved in the original Karate Kid.

What do your children do around the house?