“Raising Able: How Chores Empower Families” teaches you how to give kids the priceless gift of self-discipline, and prepare them for adolescence — when you want them to make good independent decisions when they’re 60 miles away, going 60 miles an hour.

The book covers how chores develop responsibility and self-esteem in children, create a family team, how to use family meetings and dinner to steer youths away from drugs and alcohol, and the power of Triple EExpectation, Encouragement and Empowerment.

“Raising Able” will turn down the volume at your house and turn up the harmony. “Raising Able” is for sale on Amazon in hardcopy and a Kindle copy for $4.99. Check out the many reviews.

Are You Ready Yet?

Raising Able is about how to be a good parent. More than how to discipline your toddler, child, tween and teen, the good parenting book is about how to set up a positive relationship for life while nurturing your child's self esteem. Encouragement, natural and logical consequences, love and logic, family meetings, chores and family dinner are all part of the package. Family chores empower parents, children, tweens and teens. STart chores as young as 2 years old and continue until they're 22 years old.

Me and the book, “Raising Able: How Chores Empower Families.”

Are mornings a daily source of stress? Do you scurry around your children — from toddlers to teenagers — nagging them to “hurry up and get ready?” Do you wish they would get their act together in the morning?
This free e-book contains the answer to your chronic morning problem. Follow the advice in this book and you will empower your children and create peace and harmony in your heart.
Warning: it requires YOU – the parent — to change. This is parenting education. Like dog training where you train the human, not the dog. You cannot change the children — you can only change your RESPONSE  to them. This short book will give you a plan to implement — not try. You must be committed.
“Are You Ready Yet?” presents a strategy that works when applied as prescribed. NOTE: if you must do the most drastic measures, it will most likely require only ONE DAY of radical action for them to learn. Then they will learn cause-and-effect for everyone’s benefit.
CLICK on the image below to download the free e-book.
Parenting: about. Parenting education. How to have morning peace. Are your kids driving you crazy in the morning? Discipline. Children, teens, toddlers, get ready for daycare, preschool, school age, tweens. teenagers can all learn to get ready in the morning without parents yelling, begging and berating the children.

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