What parents say about Raising Able

“I appreciated the opportunity to practice the art of encouragement, to trouble-shoot, learn what constitutes “reasonable” consequences, to support each other. But most of all, I feel I have a tangible plan, and a road to follow that helps me feel strong, kind and loving toward my son. And I have permission to forgive myself, too! I will take away lots of laughs! Lots of ideas, the courage to keep at it even when I hit a bump or detour on my road. I now know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. Thanks so much, Susan. You and your book have been instrumental in truly transforming my family into my dream. I am ever grateful.” —Laurel, mother of one

“What I liked most was Susan’s positive attitude about the subject matter, her real-life examples, and troubleshooting actual live problems. I will take away how to STAY CALM! And to not engage in a power struggle when a child is not doing what I want him to do!”  –A mother of two

“I liked the ideas presented about encouraging your child as a method to foster the behavior I want to see. I liked the idea of using family meetings to allow children to be a part of the decision-making of the family. I’ll take away skills to recognize my child’s behavior and to deal with it appropriately. The suggestions for using encouragement and to not try to “win” conflicts is also something I’ll use.” – A father of two.

“I liked encouraging classmates in our parenting skills class and learning how to use family meetings to address issues. I will take away that it is okay to walk away and handle problems later. Practicing
encouragement in class was very helpful.”  –A mother of a blended family with four children

“I learned to be more observant, to take a step back to better understand and react, and that I need to be more involved. I have more awareness of being with the kids and guidance on how to do it better.”  –A father of two.

What professionals say about Raising Able

“As an agency that offers more than one workshop a month, Raising Able was one of our most highly attended workshops proving the interest and need for this topic.  Each of our attendees had positive feedback and were thrilled they were able to take home strategies and tools they could use right away.  I even received many personal calls and emails thanking us for hosting the workshop, which never happens!

“Susan creates such an open atmosphere during her presentation that all attendees actively participated and trusted enough to share personal experiences.

“Although Susan’s intent for Raising Able was not for children with special needs, she adapted her presentation to work perfectly for our group of special needs parents.  “Our kids” are overly dependent on rewards and praise.  In a respectful and meaningful way Susan was able to show families how a change in approach and thinking can be more beneficial in the long-term.  It was also clear that her strategies can be tweaked to work in any family situation.”

 Amy Young, Family Support Center Manager,  Lifelinks Inc., Chelmsford, Mass.

“I really enjoyed the way Susan adapted her workshop to help day care providers and grandparents feel included in the discussion.”

Najanne Sneed,RN Maternal child health wellness coordinator, Lowell General Hospital

More from parents

“Susan has great enthusiasm for the topic and excellent suggestions and ideas.”

“Great ideas. I enjoyed learning about other families and their problems. I will discuss we can take with my family including family meetings and the power struggle mechanisms.”

“Refocused my thoughts to be more positive with my kids. The workshop could have been longer!”

“Fun, engaging group discussion. Great examples. I need to hold family meetings and connect with my children.”

“The advice and tips from the instructor were useful, along with hearing other families and sharing of best practices and ideas.”

“I liked the idea of introducing a family meeting into our routine. I think this will really help.”

“The open sharing between instructor and attendees was very good.”

“The concrete examples that are relevant to what we’re doing were useful and knowing that we share the same challenges as other parents in the class.”

“I learned to take action before getting mad and to hold family meetings.”

“I liked the concrete examples of how to deal with stresses.”

“Great energy, and sharing of ideas from participants and Susan’s perspective.”

“Act, don’t yak is a great lesson. Good stories and class interaction.”

“Great workshop. Interactive and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m going to try to improve how I deal with my child and not get frustrated by using family meetings and acting before I get mad.”

“Great energy and concrete examples from Susan. I appreciate the information and will work on managing my emotions before acting, and planning ahead.”

“I enjoyed all of the different techniques and ways available. Susan made it very interesting and a great resource. I had a great time listening to all of the ideas and ways to work with children.”

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  1. Laurel Fardella Says:

    As a presenter I found Susan to be engaging, funny, encouraging, and most important, helpful! She offered practical tips and long term strategies for positive parenting that I could take right home and implement. When my husband and I go back to the core components of her process we can work through any new issue. – LF, mother of one

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